Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Who Brought the Bucket Hat Back??

There's something goofy that's hit skateparks across the country this summer, I'm not talking switch tricks, mongo pushers or varial flips, its the bucket hat.  The full brimmed headwear hasn't been seen anywhere but dad's head at the little league games since 1992 and it seems like it recently made a comeback out of nowhere. We first noticed the head gear coming back in the hip hop game, on the heads of Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, and Earl Sweatshirt and the OF crew, skaters did what skaters do best and they latched onto the hip hop culture and adopted the headwear back into the game.  The only question is, who did it first?

Is it Jason Dill? The original hipster of skateboarding, Dill paved the way for hipsters such as Dylan Rieder and Alex Olson to come out and cool guy the skate world. Perhaps he is too blame.

Is it Koston? It sure does say "I don't give a fuck about this contest, but thanks for letting me hold the trophy and paying me to do nothing."

Was it Chet Childress? Maybe the cap helps contain the kindergarten drawings in his head before he sells them as "art."

Maybe its Shake Junt OG Shane Heyl. He rocks bucket hats when he stands next to trash cans in a gangster pose and when he plays shitty goat music.

It could be young gun Spencer Hamilton. Between pot smoking and killing Monsanto he's gonna need some shade while he does beastly backside flips.

Is it Zoo York am Dave Willis in this decent KIDS inspired music video he put out? You're right, probably not.

There's plenty of dudes out rocking this trend but I think we'll have to give to HUF.  After the mainstream success of weed socks (who would've thought, right?) HUF seems to be killing the bucket hat craze with over a dozen styles of the goofy headwear on their new Fall line. Can't wait till I can get one with pot on it at Tilly's.


  1. I got a theory about it, i'm pretty sure it all (re)started with that Gino ad at Milan station for the Nike team edition shoe. You know, that crazy combo he did (front board to switch nose slide or something). It was like in 2012. And then, like everything Gino does, it slowly spreads to the entire skate world.
    Remember also in the Yeah Right, in 2003, he was doing 3-6 shovits at Flushing Meadows, and then boom, 2 years after every one was doing that tricks, kids and pros. And next thing you know, everything gets out of control and people start doing that:
    Man, you gotta be careful with those trends otherwise you end up with some serious stupid shit.... :D

    In case you read French, i'll use this space to share my blog : Lots of theories about stupid trends in skateboarding...

  2. oh, yeah if forgot to mention that Gino was obvisouly sporting à bucket hat on the ad....